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There are many types of saddles used in the endurance community. The first one we used was an old stock saddle with the horn cut off! We're currently riding the Specialized Enduro model. It's light, quite comfortable and allows for customized fit to the horse.

But there is not best for all horses and riders saddles out there. It is all a personal decision between you and your horse.

This discussion thread is intended to review as many types/models of saddles as possible with the goal of providing new endurance riders a broad view of what is available, what to look for in terms of fit, and what we should strive for in performance horse saddlery.

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Thanks for the reply Sandrow. I guess my question has more to do with how the Specialized seat is measured. Just wondered if it would be the same as my Desoto and most Western saddles, as opposed to how the English saddles are measured.

I guess I don't know the answer to that. I have just sat on em and if they fit I ride em. When I was busitn cattle out of the mountains many moons ago in eastern Oregon, I was given a 16 inch western stock that weighed a ton, but it was comfortable and shadow didn't seem to mind it much. Later when I was exercising horses for a race barn ,they gave me a postage stamp with stirrups. When I started conditioning horses for endurance, I used my 12 inch McClellan and was fairly happy with that. Thus I have the same problem as you do cause I am looking seriously at an aussie endurance saddle and I have no Idea what size I sit. Racing will be new to me as well. I am breeding endurance horses ,so I may as well ride em in the races. I wish you luck and I'll pray for the best of luck (blessings) on your rides. Lets stay in touch if you don't mind, maybe we can trade experiences. I'm sure I will provide light entertainment LOL You may want to call a local saddlery shop in your area about the sizing questions Or google it under ask .com.

Have a wonderful and blessed day


Looked at a used saddle & the stirrup leather keeper & sweat flap had "Euro Saddlery Co stamped on it. VERY lightweight, all synthetic including billet straps. Anyone ever heard of this? An Internet search was inconclusive. The woman bought it at an auction, and as a Western rider, knows little more about this saddle.

Kind regards,



Has anyone out there tried the Parelli hybrid "Cruiser" saddle with the Theraflex pad and shim system?  Would love to get some input!!  Thanks!!


Hello all I'm needing some input about a saddle, but first a little information about me and why I'm asking this question.  I have a bladder disease called Interstitial Cystitis.  This is from Wikipedia; 
  a chronic, oftentimes severely debilitating disease of the urinary bladder.[1] Of unknown cause, it is characterized by: pain associated with the bladder, pain associated with urination (dysuria), urinary frequency (as often as every 10 minutes), urgency, and/or pressure in the bladder and/or pelvis.[2]
The disease has a profound impact on quality of life.[3] A Harvard University study concluded, "the impact of interstitial cystitis on quality of life is severe and debilitating".[4] A Harvard Medical School guide states that the quality of life of interstitial cystitis patients resembles that of a person on kidney dialysis or suffering from chronic cancer pain.[5] The condition is officially recognized as a disability.
So that being the case I try to be as comfortable as possible in the saddle.  Right now I ride with a Abbeta Endurance saddle with two pads.  I've looked at a lot of the "higher end" saddles however can not afford them.  I've thought about sewing the two pads together that I have and using them that way but they sometimes slide and I'm scared it's going to compromise my seat while riding.  When I say "pad" I'm talking about a pad to put on top of the saddle seat not an actual saddle pad.  Just want to make sure were on the same page.   So if yall have any suggestions I would appreciate it.  Thank you.

Hello, I just joined this discussion. I have been looking at quite a few different Saddles. I have rode since I was 3 and am 48. Allot of Bearback Riding during those years. I liked Boz's ideas on a balanced ride. I do endurance Trail Riding. This is the question, do you think the Saddle is worth the money? I would be more interested in the Saddle with all Leather, not the Sheep Skin, so we are looking at about $3500. I think it's really pricey. Also, I made the mistake of actually speaking to Boz ( 15 Min. of my life I won't get back ) he just about turned me off on buying anything from him. I'm not at all against buying a used Boz Saddle for cheaper then new and seeing if it will work for me. You can't find them. That says something about the Saddle. Any opinion would be helpfull.



I had never heard of a Boz saddle!  I am going to research it.  I have recently ordered a Sharon Saare saddle and am waiting on it.  I do have an Allegany Mountain Trail Saddle Renegade Endurance saddle for sale if anyone would be interested.  It is a 17" with their D bar.  It no longer fits my horse!  


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