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Hoof Boots - which do you like and what are their pros and cons?

Believe this or not, I have a friend who does not own a PC.  He asked me to research hoof boots and I quickly discovered I was in way over my head!  So I'm asking you folks your opinions.  The horse is a draft cross, not used for endurance but the terrain is Kentucky.  Which means just about everything.  Including sand along river beds.  Especially rock and mud.  Mud so thick it can suck regular shoes off!!! 


So what do you think?  I figure I will gather your input and give it to him and he can decide from there. 


Thanks for your help and time.

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I can tell you one thing from experience, no boot will last through (horse)shoe sucking mud... been there! We have it here in N. Ga too and if it will take a (horse)shoe off, it will take a boot off :(. Your best bet is to use one that is easy to take on and off so when needed, you can jump off and in under a minute take the boot off. Renegades are easy to use, easy to adjust, and fit well, and easy to carry with you for rocky terrain while going barefoot on non-rocky terrain. They are by far the easiest to use, the lightest, and the most user (rider) friendly when dealing with difficult issues like mud bogs. Just my limited experience in this tough terrain area. The easy boot gloves came off MUCH quicker than the renegades in any muddy or wet conditions. Gina Landers, developer of the boots and I guess President of the company, is also very quick to actually talk to you about any specific issues, including walking you through how to take them completely apart and put them back together again should they be damaged (even if it is from a dog, or your own stupidity ;). They also have all of the parts replacable, so if you loose one piece, you can just order that piece and not a whole new boot. I have no affiliation with the company aside from being a happy customer :)



Thanks Kimi for answering! I was beginning to think no one read these forums! I have read other positive things about Renegade boots. Do the different brands all cost about the same across the board, do you know?
They differ in price, the renegades you can get through mybigcolt on ebay for 145 bucks a pair (I think, not positive as it hs been a few months). They are higher than the easyboots, but work much better. Your main issue is making sure you measure properly. My advice (20/20 hindsight) is to have your farrier/trimmer come out and trim, and measure for you. It works out better. Also, be sure to measure all four as at least one hoof will be smaller/larger than the others most likely. They last forever though, so it is not like shoes that have to be replaced all the time. I know folks who have gone well over 2,000 miles in them. Remember, they are not on all the time, so they last much longer.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this.  I really appreciate it!  You've offered a lot of good information.  Happy trails and be safe! 



I have had easyboot bares and loved them and planned on getting the gloves next. I will look into renegades due to above note. I agree with fitting. It is critical for each hoof especially with the slip ons without straps. The advantage is no metal or bulky front parts that can smack into the front hoof bulbs. Not a pretty picture. The old macs are bulky and twisted on Harpo. They are for walking.
Thanks Marc for taking the time to reply!  I appreciate it very much.


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