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My endurance prospect has developed health issues after significant time off

Two years ago my Mustang mare and I were training and fit to do our first 25 mile LD. One month before the ride I developed health problems that left me bedridden and have pretty much kept me out of the saddle for the past year and a half. I am now much better but my Mustang has grown extremely obese (she gets super fat just LOOKING at grass) and was recently diagnosed with Insulin Resistance and Hypothyroidism after her 18 month vacation. She also subsequently suffers from low grade chronic laminitis as a result of the IR.

My question is.. If I can get this horse fit again, and keep the IR, Hypo, and hooves in check, can I still train her to use in LDs? (25s?) This horse LOVES her job, she loves the trails, she is born for this sport, and she is miserable not working.

I would love to hear constructive feedback from those with experience in the endurance world. Thanks so much!

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Just wanted to add a quick update...

My Mustang mare is now doing fantastic.. I added three supplements- Heiro for laminitis prevention and Insulin Resistance, Riva's Remedies Hormone Boost for Endocrine issues, and Vitamin B6 to help boost metabolism. She is doing great! Barely any damage to her feet, and all of her fat pockets have seriously melted away just with the supplements alone, and no change in her activity level.
She looks fantastic!!! Our vet and farrier couldn't believe the unbelievable difference. I don't usually believe in "miracle" products, but these honestly are. Worth every penny, and I will never take her off of them. He has actually cleared her to start training for LDs again.

Good job for sticking it out with your partner and finding a solution!!


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