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I have spanish mustang that is cronically biting at his sides while riding this summer. I am using a treeless saddle with a Weaver Get-a-grip pad and a soft touch girth. he is sweating horribly under it after not that much work. when trotting he fusses and trys to bite his sides when turning. if i stop him and scratch, he seems thankful but if i try to get him to go forward after that he will swing around and bite some more. his sweat patterns are very even and he gets a nice dry strip down his spine. i know the saddle is straight and so am i when i ride. he does it either direction or circle or on the straight. i am going to try riding him with a cotton pad liner and a different girth next time. i like the neoprene to make sure my treeless doesnt slip if he gets jiggy but if he is sweating too much to be comfortable then ill have to try something else. any thoughts or suggestions?

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   I have a Sulfur Mustang cross mare that does the same thing. I ride in a wintec saddle and have tried a pad with cotton on the outer edges and a woven pattern on the rest and she did the same thing biting at her sides and as far up on the saddle as she can reach. I got her a Toklat pad and at first she went nuts now she is good for a little bit then does a full body shake and bites at her sides every so often. But she would start sweating within a few minutes with both pads. Would love to know what you find out and take any advice.


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