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A discussion of rules for the Very Virtual Ride Series.

Rule 1: ((I will put a list of the rules here)) they are currently here:

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(**) Rule:

No Track Log Available Rule:

When at a ride where track-logs may not be published, the competitor may use the sanctioned miles for that ride with a (**) provided it is possible to add a google path with a start at the base-camp for a series of loops, and an end-point at the finish of the series of loops that constitute the sanctioned event. There must, in addition, be at least 1 way-point on the google path that shows each of the places where you did an evaluation (CRI etc) on the series of loops. You only need to show that much (and not the whole track log) and the total miles for the series of legs should be the sanctioned miles for the event.
(*) Rule:

When you ride at an event that is sanctioned, but the milage for your track log does not agree with the sanctioned number of miles, you may record the sanctioned number of miles and the track log for each leg of the ride. You still need to upload your track-logs and record all your evaluation points (CRIs etc.) for each leg of the sanctioned ride. You may record the sanctioned number of miles for that event.


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