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Add your track log comments to this disccusion as attached files. then link to your vet card.


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Kevin's Loop
River Loop
Made it a lazy day for the big grey. Walked almost every inch of the 12 miles and he smacked down bunches of tall green grass. Going home he was hitting a head banging 5mph at the walk then jumping into a trot and I would pull him back.
Got a short ride yesterday. Not too much since I'll be doing a "real 50" this weekend. LOL

BTW...John are we still allowed to count AERC miles for VV rides?

TL Loop
OK hope this works finally got tracks onto Google Earth (don't ask) Did a cold ride but not as cold as it has been on Cairo then a little warmer one on young guy yesterday and they were great.
Well I finally did a hand drawn path....I think. Can anybody open my attached track? I cannot open Rusty's but I can open Grace's.
Don it won't let me open it.. says its a compressed file?
Experiment with GE tracks.
Well I am having a hell of a time with these KMZ and KML files. All EchoValley's open fine on my computer when I click on them where they are stored on my hard drive. When I paste them into this discussion using the "Upload Files" button something goes wrong in the translation. MotionBased is trouble free for me at this point.
I cannot open Kevins Loop
I can open Sonny
I cannot open T-Spur Ranch
I cannot open TL
I can open Cairo
I cannot open Fly
I cannot open any EchoValley
Anybody help out here?
Don, I can open all of these except the .kml files. All I get is a page of code. The .kmz files open perfectly fine for me.

Tech Break:

the kml files are a standard tagged (xml) document. for them to be served/dispatched correctly, the web server must be configured correctly (it is not right now). I'm going to move these track-logs over to our servers so that I have control over the configuration. The .kmz files are "zipped" (same format as pkzip) which most servers are configured to serve correctly. The local binding (.kmz -> GE) is a client side thing that google earth does when you install it.

A further thing about both types of file - they both are .xml tagged files. They have structure which includes things like folders, discriptions, icons, etc. and, most importantly, coordinates. You can see an example of this by clicking on Don's .kml file. I have found that the GPS import to google earth puts "waypoints" and "paths" into a "folder" and to see the path you have to, sometimes, click on the path and "get info" or "properties" it. BUT, if you copy the path (only the path, not the folder or waypoints) and past it into your real places, it shows up just fine.) I've been making a my-places folder for the ride which contains all the paths which have been uploaded.

end of tech diversion:)


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