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Let's discuss how we might incorporate teams into the VVRides! Total miles of 4 team members? Team Members from geographic areas? Team members from friend networks?

My most immediate thought is that:

1 - every team shall have a tech-savvy secretary who will be responsible for helping team members maintain their vet cards.

any other thoughts, put them here:)


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>Flora wrote:
.... Not sure how John is going to set up (if he is, that is!) a category that will recognize teams, or if we'll just have to play it off the cuff. :-)


I'll set up a team competition leader board and it will evolve. Just make sure all team members are entered the particular ride (in this case the VVMarchMaddness) and that I know the team rosters.

John - My thoughts for putting together a team is merely to have the fun of getting local riders together for some LD group rides so we add some miles on our VV record together, swap information on digital equipment, et al, and share the social aspects we usually enjoy at a competitive "real time" ride. I'm not expecting my team members to pile on the miles - this is just to share social time in "real time".

But I do like the idea of having teams comprised of friends from all points of the globe. That sounds cool!

Besides helping anyone on my team that needs digital answers, I'm also going to be the "get together" organizer for some team rides.
what abrout breed teams- go team Mustang!
Barbara -

Teams based on breed! What a clever idea!! I love it!!

John - my Virginia team members are Karen Bohn, myself (Team Secretary), Barb Horstmeier, and Larry. All of them are entered in the VVMM. If you want to start setting up a team leaderboard, go for it.


Snow Cats Team - Mary Boulware (Cougar), Grace Seufert (Cougar), and Brent Seufert (Mountain Lyin') ...
Lucie Hess and I are interested in an Appy team. Any other appy people out there want to join us?
We will be the Hot for Spots Team. We need a few more members, we will accept Colorado Rangerbreds, since they really are Appaloosas! Come on you closet Appy riders, get outta the closet!
OK, I'm ready to think about teams and leader boards:) So far, I think there are 4 teams:

Virginia: Flora, Barb, Larry, Karen
Snow Cats: Mary, Grace, Brent
Mustangs: Barbara
Hot for Spots: Lisa, Lucie

I'm thinking that teams are 4-10 people with the top 4 counting toward team standings? and that rather than total team miles, we award points/event (on a scale of 10,9,8,...) where most total miles => 10, second => 9; ... and a time is (x + (x-1))/2 points to each of the tied teams.


(p.s. if we choose 4-10 members, then all y'all have some recruitment to do!!: - but that's what "friending" is all about in these social networks.)
Please add me to Hot for Spots - thank you - not sure I am a full fledged member yet - I don't have a vet card yet and have no clue how this works - thanks - I have an Appy. 8-)

Hey Kim, So I can't figure out how to email you specifically (ok so I didn't try real hard) so send me a note at lnorrismt@yahoo.com. :-) One of the Hot for Spots. :-)
Angie's putting together a southern team plus an outlier :)
I love the idea of teams. And John? I think you fancy formula thing is a good idea :).

Anyone out there in Central California that wants to join me on any local trails? I won't be making it to an AERC ride this month and it would be great to see another endurance rider.


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