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Agua Dulce, CA
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One Last May Flower Ride

Posted on May 26, 2008 at 9:00pm 0 Comments

Had a chance to get one more ride in for the VV May Flower Ride. Freddy came back and he's definitely hooked, he wanted more miles!! So we did a very technical, tough hill loop. It was about 9 miles in 2.5 hours. That was good since it was either up or down almost all the way. Freddy's doing great. My only disappointment is that I forgot the camera again, darn. The flowers were really beautiful up at almost 4000 feet and the view was wonderful due to the windy weather. Hard to believe it was…


VV May Flowers Ride

Posted on May 26, 2008 at 11:51am 0 Comments

Well, it's only fitting that there should be some pictures of FLOWERS! Although they were not taken while riding, they are from my usual riding trails. This one is the Palo Verde tree in my yard and the rest were taken at Vasquez Rocks Park and represent the typical local high desert flora!…


I've got a Junior rider!!

Posted on May 25, 2008 at 10:00pm 0 Comments

I'm so excited! My nephew Freddy, who has come with me to many endurance rides, has taken the first step to becoming an endurance rider! He has already proven himself to be a great camper, good company and an ace dog sitter! He loves the horses and has been asking for a while when he might be able to try, but he'd never ridden my horses outside the corral. Well, for a while I only had one rideable horse and then when I did have 2, I felt they were just too much for him. I couldn't figure how…


Vasquez Rocks Loop March 16

Posted on March 16, 2008 at 6:30pm 0 Comments

A beautiful Sunday for a ride! I was at Vasquez Rocks on Saturday with my niece and hiked down into Little Horse Canyon and the stream was flowing nicely and there were tons of beautiful yellow flowers blooming. We took a lot of pictures and ended up caught in a very sudden shower which turned to slush and then turned to snow, but only for about an hour. But we raced to the truck and turned on the heat really quickly as we only had light clothing on. The temp. went from 56 degrees to 36 in a…


20 Mule Team Ride, is it REALLY March??

Posted on March 12, 2008 at 3:03pm 0 Comments

Well, did we luck out or what? Arrived at ride camp at 11 on Friday and selected an area to set up a somewhat circular camp with 3 rigs around a central area for the horses. This was to prevent too much wind exposure as in years past. WHAT WIND? About 20 minutes into setting up camp, I was hot! Woah, THIS is WINTER? I have frozen at this ride for the last 3 years, with wind, rain, ice, snow and frozen water buckets on the menu. It was so beautiful this year. And we had the giant flocks (?)…


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At 10:02pm on March 9, 2009, Sandra Fretelliere said…
Thanks, my friends and people at my work think also that i'm crazy!
Well, actually I think we are a little too but in a good way.
Nice pictures!
speak soon.
At 8:34am on February 25, 2009, Carrie Kitley said…
Your pictures are fantastic! Saw some familiar territory too. :) Hope to see you at a ride again one of these days. If not, maybe Rancho Oso. :)
At 3:34am on February 6, 2009, Djilan said…
Oh and there are more rides with hills in them, but nothing compared with te real deal. So if we want to prepare voor the hills of even mountainrides we train in de Eifel. An area on the border of Belgium and Germany or in the Ardennen in Belgium.
At 3:27am on February 6, 2009, Djilan said…
Sounds like a great ride!
Ha, competition in the Netherlands? Where do I start and what do you want to know ;)
There are about 16 to 18 competitions every year. And about 60 to 80 riders on the small rides to 160 or more riders on the bigger ones. Even though the Netherlands is not a big country the terrain is different at almost every competition. The only ride with real hills is in the very south of the Netherlands. The rest is mostly sand(hard or deep), heath and forrest.
We have 4 classes: I (25-40km), II (41-79km), III (80-119km) and IV (120-160km). I'm allowed tot start 80-119km, but my horse is young and just qualified for the distances between 41 and 79km.
At 1:58am on February 5, 2009, Djilan said…
Thank you! Just to bad that his ears have been cut off during uploading here. And I have more where these came from. I will be uploading them soon.

But your foto is very nice as well! Is that in your trainingarea?
At 2:48pm on December 3, 2008, Renee Norris said…
Not much here. Diva ran into her gate 3 weeks ago while bucking and running because the Feed guy was coming down her aisle with her hay, and ended up with swelling on her left shoulder and chest, with a nice sized Hematoma hanging between her forelegs :>( What a bummer to show up to ride and see her sore. The swelling really didn't start to show until the next day. Her Shoulder ended up draining on it's own this past Sunday it had a small hole, by Sunday evening two small holes in her shoulder, and then by Monday it became one larger single hole. I've been cleaning her up twice a day and she's on Tucoprim the past 3 days. But.... She isn't lame !! I turned her loose to graze on Tues. evening after I cleaned her up, and the Feed guy was going down the aisle with her hay, and she went after him at a Huge Extended trot !! Poor guy almost passed out, he's hard of hearing and when he turned around she was right "there"...haha. I will be glad when she heals and I can start to slowly re condition her. I planned on riding her again at Tevis next year. If not then I ride my husband's gelding. Keep your fingers crossed
At 7:27am on December 3, 2008, Renee Norris said…
Hello there, How have you been ??
At 12:13am on September 1, 2008, Renee Norris said…
hey, can't wait to see ya at the Tejon Fandango. My daughter and I are riding on Fri. in the 50 miler. We'll keep our eyes peeled out 4 ya :>)
At 6:47pm on July 29, 2008, D'Arcy L. Demianoff-Thompson said…
That cover shot would be Samburu KA from the old Klees Arabians farm in Santa Inez. They are long gone but Sammy lives on! ::) He is 28 this year too! We still ride him about 5 miles a week. He loves it. Last week he went trotting down the road with a friend and across the front of my neighbors front yard. I was in her yard on Valentina talking with her. She looked to the road and GASPED. She said, "OMG, is that SAMMY - he looks just like the oil painting (same cover picture) that you have of him!" That cover pic was when he was FIVE! So, we don't tell him he is 28. LOL!

I am very interested in the Cool Vests. Which ones do you have? Which one do you think does the best job for you? I am having lots of heat issues this year. I don't know why. I have never had these issues. I think it's because the moisture content of the air is so low!

As far as electrolytes. The best I have found the works for me is eGel.
Energy - 150 carbohydrate calories from a blend of glucose polymers (maltodextrin) and fructose that is designed to provide sustained energy delivery. That's 50% more energy then other leading energy gels.
Electrolytes - 230 mg of sodium and 80 mg potassium (more than double other gels) · No fat and no protein (since it is designed to be consumed during athletic activity)
Antioxidant Blend - to protect tissues by neutralizing free radicals that are produced by the muscle's use of oxygen during intense athletic activity.
Amino Acid Blend - designed to slow lactic acid build up, fight muscle degradation and assist in maintaining focus and concentration.
Vitamin B6 - assists with the conversion of protein to energy, and research has shown that your body looses vitamin B6 during intense athletic activity.
Balanced Formulation - e-Gel is the only gel designed to provide complete energy, hydration, and electrolyte replacement when consumed with sufficient amounts of water.

I don't mix with water. I take if straight out of the packet and make sure it hits under my tongue. Then I start the water about 3 minutes later. It hits my bloodstream FAST and levels my blood sugars quickly and stablizes my body as well. I can come off a horse shaking from exhaustion and heat. Even though I have been drinking water. The eGel seems to be the only thing that helps. http://www.cranksports.com/default.asp?rid=364585 is a link to the site. Good luck and let me know if you get this product and if it did any good for you. :)

Raquel and I are going to do the Fireworks 25 mile this weekend. It is our first venture! We have been volunteering at rides, doing club work days, and going with Ranelle Rubin on trail rides all over the place. So, this is our jump off ride. :) Next, I am not sure because I just took a job that will be working Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon. So, until that shift rotates to something else. I won't be able to go to another ride for a while. I am going to see if anyone can sponsor Raquel so that she can continue to go. :)

GitRDone should be a great ride this year. I think a lot of people are going to take advantage of that ride. Especially since so many Nor Cal rides have been cancelled. :) Swanton is truly reeping the benefit of lost rides! :)
At 4:41pm on July 29, 2008, D'Arcy L. Demianoff-Thompson said…

I love your pictures!!! I had no idea how beautiful Aqua Dulce, CA would be. I didn't invision it as having any GREEN! Very nice to see the place through your eyes.

Your horses are beautiful!!! Cejlon welcomes 'mare swooning' he knows he is so very handsome! Just ask him any day of the week. Then, again, Rumor Has it, equalizes him quickly by the 'stallion screetch' that he is, in fact, the best! LOL! They are both very funny and very handsome stallions. However, I am always in awe of many endurance riders horses!

How is your riding reason? I hope you have had more success on your end of the State than we have had at our end!

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