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Hi! I'm an endurance photographer specializing in equine endurance events as well as ultra marathons. If you know of a race needing coverage or if you are a photographer looking for support during co…

Hi! I'm an endurance photographer specializing in equine endurance events as well as ultra marathons. If you know of a race needing coverage or if you are a photographer looking for support during covering an event, I'd love to work with you.

My passion is hearing the stories and journeys of these events. It's like a lifetime compressed into a few hours or a few days. I love being able to capture a moment of that journey through photography. Continue

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The World According to Kip

My horse has his own blog all about endurance from his very opinionated point of view. If interested take a peek at http://themonkeysknownothing.blogspot.com Cheers, Ronda Eden, new member.

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Horse Club


My name is Britt. I grew up riding horses and have not been riding since I went off to college. I've been wanting to get back into riding, particularly endurance riding. Do you know of or have you heard of any clubs or groups or farms that ride together, train together, or lease horses? I'm looking to spend time in the East Bay in the San Francisco area. Do you know of anything along these lines? 

Thanks so much for your time and…


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A long road

Hello everyone...

It has now been well over two years since I was physically able to spend more than 5-10 minutes on the back of a horse. In the summer of 2010 I began having some serious health problems that has taken me the past four years to figure out. Initially we thought my problems were all caused by endocrine issues. As it turns out though, what had been the best riding summer of my life had also had been the summer that I had unknowingly been infected with Lyme… Continue

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Warning to others of buying used saddles and my new SHE treeless:)

It's been a while since I was on here. Been able to work Kali off and on for the last couple months but the last few days have been Crazy cold. -30 without wind chill is just too cold for anyone. But perfect time for the chilly weather to hit since I'm waiting to get my new saddle. I decided to pay the money and just buy a Sensation Harmony Element for my first treeless. I thought about Barefoot and Black Forest(found reasonably priced used one) but just have a feeling they aren't what I…


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Endurance ride in Bronson, Florida in February

We are right around the corner from the ride if anyone needs bed and breakfast for that week at the end of February.

Added by Patricia P. Bishel on January 31, 2014 at 8:49am — No Comments

photo review of european (and Euston Park & Lexington Kentucky) endurance riding from 2006 onwards

On-line Photolibrary for Endurance Riding. Search by rider or horse name

click on towns name to access photos

EN 13/10/13 Uzès Finales Young Horses Endurance 5 years 60 Km

EN 12/10/13…


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winning Tevis

Out of respect and mean respect to Tevis Cup winner 2013,your story was quite a awesome tell, riding in hand and hand  with your wife not only once but three time is great, congratulation.The one most important individual you failed to give any credit to  and without him, there would of been no win,  is yea you guessed it your mount and hopefully considered team mate The Fury.So many times, some get caught in the moment and forget that its the horse and without we could not celebrate such…


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Hi everyone,

   I'm new to the endurance community and have just started training my Tennessee Walker/Mustang mare. Kali is 5 years old and had tons of ground work before I got her but never been saddled. We had an instant bond from the first day I met her. I actually went to look at another horse when Kali came up behind me and stuck her nose right in my hair than stayed by my side the whole time we were there. I knew then that she was my new horse. I've had her about a week and 3…


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Weaver Basin Express Ride July 6th and 7th 2013

July 6th and 7th 2013 CSHA Inc Fund-raiser 25 mile Endurance Educational Fun Ride and  5 mile Poker rides and campout in Weaverville CA. $100.00 high hand 1st prize each day and other donated prizes.  Profit will be split between AERC Trails fund, Trinity County Resource Conservation District to help fund a new campground in Weaverville at the base of the Trinity Alps that will accommodate…


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CEI ** 120km FEI The Endurance Ride on HH Emir Trophies & Sword Race Emir of the State of Qatar

Prize money 1,000,000 Qatari riyal plus a brand new Land cruiser. 45 entries - 1 Sheik and 1 Sheikha 5 women total

Results: position 1 number 7 Saif Mubarak Obadiah al Khaili riding Nahim De Paut pure Arabian gelding 2001 owned by Al Saif Stud. Total time 5:12:56 Average speed 22.82 top speed 25.20 kmph

Position 2 rider 37 horse Centurion pure Arabian stallion 2003 time 5:23:41

Position 3 rider 4. Horse Saaremaa park safi Latin Anglo Arab 2003 mare time… Continue

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New Distance Riding Blog Developing in Nova Scotia Canada


Hi.  We are a small barn located in Nova Scotia (right along the shores that boast the world's largest tides!)  We've started chornicaling our stories as we strive to become endurance riders.  We've collected video and pictures.  Not sure the blog is organized as good as we should have it yet, but have a peek, and see what it's like in another part of the world! 

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Doing Tevis again, etc.

Wow, its been a long time, I forgot all about this page! Guess what? I'm doing Tevis again this year for the first time in 13 years. I'm doing it on a friend's Mustang mare. Taqi is far from ready, he's not even broke yet.  Hope to have him under saddle this summer.  Just trimmed his feet yesterday.  Also put a soft bareback saddle on him and lunged him a bit.  

Check out my blog "Retackling the Tevis" - judyshatir.blogspot.com.

Complete with pictures.  Also check out my…


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Wanted to buy Horse

Wanting to purchase Arabian, Bright Chestnut, or Liver Chestnut, White socks..... Any age...... contact with photo's and information.... Tony  Amg911@msn.com  Thank You......

Added by Tony Gengo on May 3, 2012 at 5:42pm — No Comments

Charlotte's Webb Endurance Ride Punta Gorda Florida March 17

 The gorgeous pictures of the Endurance ride are up at:


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Looking for information about DEVONIER SYNTYLA

I recently acquired a older mare named SYNTYLA BEZABELLE (KHARIF AU-BEZ+ X DEVONIER SYNTYLA). I have been able to research the pedigree of her sire. However, nothing comes up for her dam. The breeder and owner on file in Datasource is listed as Bonnie McClane from California. SYNTYLA BEZABELLE was breed for endurance riding. Her grand sire on her sire's side is BEZATAL. He won the Tevis Cup in 1965 & 1967. I know her Dam was an endurance horse as well. In 1985 Bonnie McClane rode her in…


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boarding stables

I'm new to the Vancouver Washington area and could really use some help locating a boarding stable. One that can take a stallion . Then I would really love some new friends to ride with .

Added by Dawn on January 27, 2012 at 10:49pm — 1 Comment

The Gauntlet

To the untrained eye, it was a nondescript  farm road.  Straight half mile of gravel, bordered by woods and farm fields, a preamble to the woods and trails that lay beyond.


On a normal day, it was a corridor of quiet, a place where the rider warmed up her horse before tackling the trails.  A transition from leaving day to day worries back at the barn to…


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