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January 2008 Blog Posts (45)

First good ride!

I kind of mentioned a little about the whole thing in my "about me", but I'll probably change that soon to reflect the new and improved Cricket. I'll just tell the whole story. I'm fairly new to endurance, and so far have only volunteered at rides and done a few conditioning rides on friends' horses during the summer. I love everything about the sport so far, and am looking forward to finally getting to actually participate. I've ridden consistently since I was twelve, and took seven years of… Continue

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Run Horses Run

IRunning up to Kronenberger's ranch, I'm always amazed by his herd. The more horses he acquires, the less he rides **sigh**. m just a person—one single human body,

about 5′3" and 1(never mind) pounds. I’m far away from the safety of my

car, and I’m standing in the middle of the pasture, totally exposed. If

they wanted to, the mares could charge me and totally wipe me out and

finish me off by stomping on my abdomen or my sternum or my lower

pelvic region or my… Continue

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January riding

Photo taken before it snowed another 6 to 8 inches last night! We keep getting lots of snow here in Northern Nevada. Fortunately the horses are deserving of a break after Death Valley so don't need any conditioning, just an occasional joy ride (for fun!). ;) I did get Chief out twice this weekend, and he is bouncing off the walls and full of energy. It is snowing now, and the wind is blowing. I get to head down to Southern California this coming week… Continue

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Down Time!

I have spent the last week ill with the flu and a cold. It is amazing to me how much we loose in training in just a few days let alone a week. So, rain or shine Valentina and I are back on track in the morning. I don't think we are going to make the February 16th Shine and Shine. However, we will be ready for the next one.

I am looking forward to AERC Convention and meeting so many people that I have had the opportunity to meet on Ride Camp and Endurance Riders Forum. It's all so…


Added by D'Arcy L. Demianoff-Thompson on January 27, 2008 at 10:03pm — No Comments

Fun With Paddi

Ok, so she was coming out here to ride and we actually have, but the weather today was nasty and we opted to go visit the mummies at the Egyptian Museum and then to go to Khan el Khalili to enjoy the million odd little shops there, including this one that offered belly dancing costumes among other things.

We have been riding in the desert and countryside, however, and so far she hasn't been bucked or broken…


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My 1st Wyoming Winter

Well January is almost over--2 more months of winter to go. According to the neighbors, we have had more snow & it's been staying longer than they've had around here for some years. Maybe we brought it from MI? :o)

While I was riding Noodle today I kept thinking about how lucky I am. I'm still clear of breast cancer 1 1/2 years later. (I have hair again--curly even.) I've got some great mules, spectacular trails, wonderful friends & the best husband. What more could a girl…


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24 Jan

Really cold most of the day, but no wind, so later in the afternoon decided to tackle Seneca to see what he remembered from the end of Nov. I had only been on his back twice then and nothing since. Brought him into the barn, tacked up with a small protest about the girth tightening, forgot that he could breath :). Out we went with the lunge line to the virgin snow in my outdoor ring. The going wasn't too deep and he lunged perfectly for a few minutes each direction. He then stood quietly…

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Rode today

OK, so it was nice and mostly sunny, not too terribly cold and 6 inches of fresh snow! So went over to the other farm and tossed all the weaners out to play. Just love to watch them race around and be silly. Then dragged my boy in, or was dragged in by him... to tack up. Farley, is a full of himself coming 5 year old stallion and I am back to the point where I lunge him before getting on . He settled fairly quickly and only fussed a tiny bit at the mounting block. Working on his long and…

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Winter blahs

First we had too much snow, couldn't ride through 3 feet of powder, then it melted and it rained - so ice, then it got super cold (-20 something C). Today more snow, hopefully to cover the ice and it has warmed up some, so tomorrow the plan is to get on all the beasties and see if they remember what a saddle and rider is all about! Actually I have managed to ride Farley (coming 5 year old colt) a few times in the indoor where he boards, but the two at home have been on vacation. Parker is…

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GaZi Makes Hay

h.jpg I was thinking about how fast time goes by, we're two weeks already into 2008 ; so how many of those news years resolutions are still in play?

And suddenly, there he was, GaZi-man, dipping his hay in his water bucket.

"Hey," I said with exasperation. "Why do you do that"?

"Hay," he said. "I like it wet and soggy and dripping and messy. And it turns the water green. I like…


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Time to get in shape!

My arab mare, Rina, has had the past couple of months off while I focused on my Morgan mare (dressage and jumping - hubby rides her in endurance). Well, today is the day we start getting her back into shape. She's hopping into the trailer with Mazzie this afternoon to head off to my dressage trainer's barn, where we are going to teach her to long line. She was started by a driver (combined driving), so I think she'll take to it well. With that Arab brain of hers, I'm trying to figure out as… Continue

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Time to ride!

Looks like for the first time in a long time I'm going to be conditioning two horses for myself. You can just about turn back to 2000 or so to find when I've been able to focus on my own horses not *our* (mine and Josie's) horses. Back then Kaboot was in his prime and I could go to lots of rides. Then the mother daughter thing started..then as Kaboot's career wound down the "looking for another keeper" thing started and it's amazing how the years can get away from you while you're just…


Added by Angie Mcghee on January 15, 2008 at 10:34am — 3 Comments

Come ride!

Several years ago we bought some land adjoining the Jefferson Notional Forest near Fries, Virginia. It connects to litteraly hundreds of miles of trails. I spend as much time up there as I can (which wasn't too much last year with the foal arriving!). You can really get a lot of conditioning done since which ever way you go there is a mountain to climb.

The other weekend I did about a 30 mile loop which included part of the New River Trail. It was great because it had all kinds of…


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Yes, I'm a barefooter! My horses have been barefoot since 2001 and I trim them all myself as well as some for friends. At the time I found barefoot all my horses had some kind of lameness due to bad shoeing except Rose who would kick any farrier that tried to nail a shoe on. We just don't have any good farriers in my immediate area so I had to take matters into my own hands! At this time they are all sound and doing trails without steel. I am not totally against shoes I just don't find them…


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New Territory

Nellie & I checked out some new territory today. (Noodles' # was up to ride today but she & DW were headed down the road this morning so Nellie got the short stick.)

There is some state land across from one of my friends' places, so we headed there. WOW. Big & beautiful ride! We could spend days over there without ever crossing our own path--except to & from. We barely got a taste of it.

Definately will be going back there. An awesome place for conditioning. We…


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Valentina's Conditioning Ride

What a GREAT ride today! We may not have gotten in a full 10 miles as I had hoped. I think we did come close to it. Leslie, Shonna, Danielle, and myself had a very pleasant time riding in Cronin Ranch. There were lots of other riders out today taking advantage of the break in rain. The trails were good. There were a couple of places that were deeper than I would have liked but we managed and Valentina didn't freak out.

Leslie and Shonna are going to join AERC and register for an…


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So I think I am supposed to write about myself?? O.k. well hmmm.... I am an Equine Massage Therapist ( part time) mom ( full time :-)) and home school my two daughters who are 13 and 11. We are in th…

So I think I am supposed to write about myself?? O.k. well hmmm.... I am an Equine Massage Therapist ( part time) mom ( full time :-)) and home school my two daughters who are 13 and 11. We are in the middle of a very exciting time in our lives as we have decided to sell our farm buy a big truck and trailer and travel with our 4 horses, 2 rotweillers , two daughters and hubby ( Rob) and I. It is hard to be excited about an adventure as we are WAITING ( something I am not very good at :-)) for… Continue

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6AM Start in the Morning

A 6AM Start Tomorrow

This is going to be a… Continue

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Dubia: The Worlds Richest Endurance Race - Arrivals


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My 2008 VVClassic

I started a bit late, but it was on time. I did two loops at Dave & Tracy's Flight Leader Farm. It's a 8.1 mile outAndBack that runs downstream along the west bank of the Rio Grande river. I got to take Rhett out for a fast turn, then followed up with Jose (just) a bit slower.

Then the three loops that made up the trail of the Las Cruces New Years in New Mexico ride. This was a 25 Mile loop, followed by a 15 and then a 10 (The hundreds had done these loops in… Continue

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