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August 2008 Blog Posts (8)

The Greatest Job in the World

I firmly believe I have the greatest job in the world, every little girls dream job, I ride horses for a living! I am one of the lucky few able to turn my passion into my career! Into every life a little rain must fall and nothing makes you question your life and your living like sustaining a serious injury. As a professional trainer and instructor, I tend to take falling off a horse a little more personally than I should. Something deep inside says if I were good enough I wouldn't fall off.… Continue

Added by Sarah Jarvis on August 29, 2008 at 4:06pm — 1 Comment

Swanton Pacific

Well we've been back home a little over a week and we had such a good time at this ride. The McCrary Family and all their Volunteers did such a terrific job this was a gorgeous ride, even through the Poison Oak Forrests..lol I had the misfortune of getting stung by a bee early in the morning on my upper thigh, and it hurt like heck (think being stabbed by a needle followed by a burning sensation), Poor Diva was stung on her throatlatch area, but she was fine. I had to take a Benadryl because I… Continue

Added by Renee Norris on August 27, 2008 at 10:21am — 1 Comment

Ruza Raid: Fall 2008

We will host a new Endurance competition "Ruza Raid: Fall 2008" at our stable on September 19-21: CEN* 40 km (25 miles), CEN** 80 km (50 miles) and CEN*** 120 km (75 miles). Additional information in Russian can be found at: http://www.probegi.info/Events/Ruza_Sep2008

If you plan to visit Russia in September, you're welcome to come in our stable (60 miles west of Moscow) and watch Russian Endurance :)

Added by GoldenHorse on August 27, 2008 at 1:05am — No Comments

Feeling guilty and infirmary reports

So we've been slackers. The Kansas heat and humidity has slowed us to a crawl in our conditioning.

Snort had had an intermittant gimp on the RF for about a 10 days. The barefoot trimmer hadn't seen any problems a week earlier. Monday evening he was 3 legged lame, not putting any weight on the RF. Pressing on the sole he'd wince, so we figured a sub-sole abcess.

We took a day off work and headed to K-State. Sure enough he had a small abcess. It looked like he'd probably stepped on a… Continue

Added by Barry Cole on August 14, 2008 at 9:33am — No Comments

Fireworks Ride Santa Cruz CA 8/2/2008

Raquel and I headed out to the Fireworks Ride in Santa Cruz on the 2nd of August. We entered into the 25 mile ride. After reading a few posts on the technical aspect of this ride I didn't want to do a 50 when my horse was more than likely not ready for that much of a technical trail. I was correct in my assumption.

The Ride Management was top notch. All of volunteers 100 +/- were the most friendly and cordial group I have had the pleasure of meeting. And I was told this whole group,…


Added by D'Arcy L. Demianoff-Thompson on August 5, 2008 at 3:03pm — 1 Comment

Boomer's Big Horn 100 story

Boomer’s Story

Day 1: There I was, minding my own business in the pasture when I was snatched out and had those stupid leg boots put on. It could only mean one thing—I was going for a ride. It was late afternoon so I figured we were going to the local park for a workout. That was cool. I nicely loaded into the big trailer and stood quietly,…


Added by Debbie Parsons on August 3, 2008 at 2:29pm — 2 Comments

Programming the Passenger

A huge part of being a good rider I'm discovering is that aspect of developing a partnership rather than being a passenger. A different experience for both horse and rider.

Most times I ride with others.. but I really love riding solo. I enjoy my own company and love the peace, space and opportunity to really just be with my horse. . I don’t feel nervous, the tour most often than not resembles…


Added by Cid on August 3, 2008 at 9:22am — No Comments

Montana's Animale Glamour

Horses.. In some ways ,they are the ultimate Montana glamour animal, possessed of almost mythical strength (ever been pushed by one of 'em?) , speed ,

savvy, size and for some unfathomable reason, a natural willingness to

work with dogs, men, women and kids.

Not even the wolf can match a horse for popularity in Montana's animal kingdom. Definitely the winner of the…


Added by Cid on August 1, 2008 at 8:30am — No Comments

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