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Trails, Bullets and Endurance

I have been diligent in my quest for fitness in preparation for the 2011 XP adventure. I have been hiking 3 mornings a week and training 2 days a week at the gym. The trail work is my aerobics. What a wonderful way to sweat! My neighbors have an excellent trail through the coastal sage with a short warm up followed by 2 big, steep hills then another longer hill that brings you to views of La Jolla to the south and Catalina Island to the west. The hike is about 3 miles long and takes about 45…


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Equine Affair Hangover

February 5, 2011

Yesterday I was a woman on a mission. Up, showered, dressed and out the door at 7 am with my neighbor and fellow endurance addict, Diane. We were both women on a mission – get to the Equine Affaire in Pomona California and soak in all we could. This broad brush included watching giants such as Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Race, listening to a lecture from a local ferrier, getting a Centered Riding lesson from Becky Hart, meeting up with old friends and…


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Look Ma, No Barn!

After months of research and hand ringing, the old leaky barn is gone and the new one is starting to take shape. Today a crane operator came over and craned the beams up onto the metal columns. Now they are adding the final bolts and tomorrow the rafters will be added. In no time (as in construction time..different from regular time) the new roof will be up and my new barn will be finished!

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Warner Springs 2011, the Last Loop

A week ago today I was riding my first 50 mile endurance ride in over 2 years. It went well! Jazzi passed the test and we finished on time, in good health no issues…well, maybe a few small ones, but we did good. I am so happy!

We walked a lot of the ride which was fine until the last loop when we found ourselves out in the deepening dusk, alone. I made a wrong right turn were the cookie stop had been. As I was pondering my new move, my phone rang and it was Diane, back in camp…


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New Year's Eve day

December 31, 2010

Today is New Year’s Eve and I am waiting for the first load of laundry to go into the dryer so I can start the second load and get on my Jazzi. It is cold today for southern California (in the 50's) and I have my new Iridion 3 season Polartech boot cut riding tights on! They are warm and comfy and I look forward to seeing how they feel in the saddle. I also have to test out my rain chaps from Muddy Creek, but need to find a belt first. Thank you Santa!!!

Next week I… Continue

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Holiday Greetings from Elfin Forest, CA

December 20, 2010

Holiday greetings to you from all of us at the Lazy J Ranch.

It has been a very wet and cold late fall and winter here in Elfin Forest and this morning I find myself in front of a warm fire with a cup of coffee reflecting on all of the events of 2010. 2010 has been a year of firsts, change and transformation.

Danielle turned 18 in March,… Continue

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Elfin Forest Flower Report, WOW!


I was able to do a short ride here in Elfin Forest after a dressage lesson yesterday. Wow, what a difference a few days made with the wildflowers! The wild wheat has grown at least a foot in the sunny meadows which Jazzi could not ignore. Who needs to life weights when you have a hungry horse? Also in the sunny areas I saw a new addition - bright yellow button flowers made up of very small flowers that nod in the breeze. I do not know their name.

And the sages are in… Continue

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It is a very strange and well, grown up Mother’s Day here at the Lazy J Ranch. I received an early morning call from my very good non-horse friend, Suzie who has been at a spiritual retreat in the Rockies for the past week. Suzie and I have been friends and co-workers for many years working on birth injury and catastrophic injury cases (we have seen a lot of trauma together). Suzie is on a new path of spiritual awakening and finding light in an often dark world. Her words…


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Before the Storm

Dani's lab, Zak got kicked by one of the horses 3 weeks ago and popped a huge seroma (fluid filled tumor) that was removed yesterday. I have been stuck in the house, keeping and eye on her and making sure she does not pull out the 2 drains that are in her side. This is somewhat OK as it has been raining all day and is COLD. Yes, it is snowing in our mountains...all this and we are literally days away from the first of May!!!! And they are saying that this storm is staying for all of tomorrow… Continue

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An Easter Gift


Yesterday was Easter Sunday, a day that is supposed to be a BIG Christian holiday. At my house it was a non starter or so I thought.

I went for a ride on Jazzi in the mid afternoon. Jazzi had been resting for almost 3 weeks since her shoes had been pulled. I had just received her sparkling new copper Renegades boots that match her copper bay coat the day before. I still needed to adjust the cables on the boots so they would fit correctly – stay on and not cause any damage to… Continue

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OMG, I pulled Jazzi's shoes!

I had Jazzi's shoes pulled yesterday! I had been thinking about it for a long time, but had all the usual concerns and well, I was not looking forward to the transition. My daughter's mare, Lyric has been bare foot for about 4 years and is (now) doing really well. But it took a really long time to get to this point. Jazzi also moves very different from Lyric; she wares her hind shoes to the point of breaking in two. Jazzi also has high/low syndrome which had been getting better with special… Continue

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2011 XP?


It has been way too long since I last posted. So much has occurred, Karen has been diagnosed with cancer that has wrapped around the great vessels in her chest, I had a 3 week bronchitis that consumed an entire case of Kleenex, the rain has been unrelenting and now my daughter has the flu. No excuses, just a really miserable month.

But I write today of the future and with the grace of God, of a goal I will obtain, the 2011 XP Pony Express ride. This once a decade ride covers… Continue

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Monday, Monday, don't trust that day.......


Today is Monday and it is going to be one of those days. That kind of day I run from and hide from. All of this in spite of the magnificent sun and clear skies. It started out so normal with…


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Spring is Coming!


Spring is coming, really it is! Well, at least spring is coming to southern California and soon. From my front window I can see the beginnings of spring as a bit of white now dusts the chaparral covered hills. The white native lilac is now in full bloom. The scientists call it the wart stemmed Ceanothus. I call it “open space saver”.

Because the white lilac is a very rare native plant in a rare plant community (coastal sage scrub), its presence has saved hundreds of… Continue

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Mr. Toads Wild Ride


I got the wash going, swept and vacuumed the house and will get on my horse after I write this. I was able to ride yesterday for about 90 minutes on the dirt road, again. This time we went west towards the ocean and it was so cold with the damp ocean wind barreling down the canyon. Jazzi was not happy as it was after 4 pm when we got started. All she wanted to do was get back to the barn and eat.

Due to the rain we got Wednesday the trails were not safe to really work her… Continue

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Dreaming of a real ride.....


Finally a beautiful, bright and sunny California day! It rained about a quarter of an inch the night before last and the reports are for sunny skies through the weekend, yahoo ! I have my fingers crossed it will be safe to do some hills in a day or two as I am getting tired of the same flat trail. Both Jazzi and I need more work to get ready for a ride.

The big question is what ride? We have not completed a ride since June of 2008 when Jazzi had a horrible colic at the… Continue

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Rainy day barn

Jan 21, 2010

It has been raining for about 5 days. With binoculars I can see my rain gauge out on the deck – it is full! That means we have received over 7 inches of rain in 5 days!!!! The creek has been roaring for days and it is much bigger than Wednesday when I took the pictures posted on my blog. So much for dressage lessons and training rides.

I am worried about the “barn” roof. I have a “southern California” barn, which is a large roof with one end enclosed. The roof is at least… Continue

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Woolback ART saddle pad

Monday on a Tuesday! Spent all day yesterday (MLK Day) in the house with a big fire watching the rain come down. Dani and I watched lots of TV, ate bad food and even got a nap in. The horses were warm and dry under the barn roof as the wind whipped the oaks trees. No major damage so far. But we have 2 more storms to go with the big one at the end.

Late last week I finally received the new ART Woolback saddle pad. I ordered this pad as I started to see a few white hairs just behind Jazzi’s… Continue

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It was a beautiful day in deed...


Yesterdays ride was wonderful! The weather was wonderful, not too hot and a bit cool in the shade. We did about 10 miles with Jazzi alternating between “in frame” and relaxed, loose rein. She is starting to be able to hold her frame for longer periods of time, progress. I worked on my upper body sway while going downhill. My trainer, Linda calls it “the Stevie Wonder”. This looks like Stevie when he rocks out moving his shoulders from side to side (all you children of the 60’s… Continue

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Thank God it's 2010!

Two days ago was the 4th anniversary of my 44 year old husband’s tragic death. It has been hell getting here, but I think I finally feel the cloud lifting. I am starting to ask myself if I could be happy again. I have been pushed along this path by our now 17 year old daughter who is really going to go away for college. So in a few short months I will be a retired widow, empty nester, distance rider. How the hell did all that happen? What will I do with this new me I have no idea is? Will I… Continue

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