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Ozark 100--It Rained....(Notice how that sounds a little like Noah's Ark) by Lucky Six Nellie

I got suspicious when Mom fitted me for shoes, 2 pair even, but didn't nail them on. Then came the haircut. We must be going someplace warm. Then the shoes were nailed on. Now I am getting excited, I love seeing new places. We trailered a short ride to another trailer & my buddy Hawk. It's always fun to travel with friends. From there we rode two more days to a place called Missouri. Each night we stopped at really cool places where Hawk & I could move around &…


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The Big Horn 100 2010-And Beyond-by Lucky 6 Nellie

Most years in July, Mom hauls me over to the Big Horn 100 in Shell, WY. This year was no exception. It would be my first endurance ride of the season like it was last year. Mom conditions me enough right here at home, I felt GREAT this year. Ready to roll! I even had company this year as Monty came along for some trail riding in the rockies after.

We woke Mom up just before 3 am demanding more hay. She was kind enough to oblige. (I can make her do all sorts of stuff to spoil me once… Continue

Added by Marirose Six on July 14, 2010 at 10:50pm — 1 Comment

Conflicting Information

As a trainer myself, I love to read articles about mule/horse training. Often, in the same magazine even, I will read conflicting information from different trainers' articles. One may say "never grain your mule" while another says "give your mule a little grain or treat". Or the old shoeing/barefoot debate. Some trainers insist on britchen, some suggest cruppers. There are at least a hundred ways, it seems, to get your critter to stand for mounting, or to turn on the haunches, or even to stop… Continue

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The Monty Hoof Saga

'Twas October 18, 2009. It's never a good thing to find a blood trail when going out to pet the mules. It's worse when you see the 1-2 foot stream of blood shooting from the pastern. I took Monty into the barn for a pressure wrap & some time indoors to make sure it worked. Thank God, it did. Later that night I changed him to a standing bandage without the pressure. I used only homemade saline to clean the wound. A very deep cut from barbwire, deep. …


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Weed's Misadventure

If I recall correctly, this happened back in late September. (Read: sometime after late July, before October. ;) The critters had been on walkabout for a few days when D. Weed determined that thay needed to come on home. You see, he had a meeting with Mr. Porcupine the night before. He knew he needed me to help pull the quills out. It actually took Chuck & I & a few well placed ropes & hobbles & a feed bucket secured to his face, but we got the job done. I had already pulled out… Continue

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Big Horn Or Bust? More Like Big Horn Despite Bust--by Nellie

Mom loaded me into the trailer at 2:30 on Friday afternoon for the 4 1/2 hour trip to the Big Horn ridecamp. At 11:30 we rolled into camp & I finally got to get out of the trailer. You see, I had a trailer endurance ride before the actual endurance ride. About 6 miles out of Buffalo the oil pump went out on the truck. At least it wasn't a super hot day.

Here's me watching trucks whiz by on the side of the highway.… Continue

Added by Marirose Six on July 13, 2009 at 9:30pm — 4 Comments

Things Are Lookin Up

Fast forward to the end of May. I'm back to work, finally. Yea! One horse for a spring tune up & two mules needing some work. As for my own, Denny is all healed up & sound again (thanks to the little 'healer' Reno for keeping his wound clean). Monty has been sound, poked a hole in his forearm of the same leg then lame again, healed up & got sound then did something to be REALLY off on his left hind but that seems to be better now. He's back to running with the herd & looking… Continue

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Weed Had His 1st Ride Today!

So, the end of April has brought me 3 out of 4 lame equines. Boo hoo :o( Denny got caught up in some wire & tore up his pastern pretty badly--lame right front. Monty slipped in the mud & apparently pulled his shoulder (couldn't find the abscess that I was hoping for) --lame left front. Finally, Noodle got kicked in the tendon, swelling/heat the 1st night. Cold hose & poultice had it looking & feeling good in the morning, except for that little lump & scratch at the impact… Continue

Added by Marirose Six on May 7, 2009 at 5:18pm — 4 Comments

My Little Weed Is Growing Up

My little donkey, D. Weed, is becoming a useful member of the family. He's picking up hand & leg cues from the ground very well.

I spooned him today for the first time. (Laid across the saddle.) He didn't mind much at all. He even moved around some, no problems.

Added by Marirose Six on April 22, 2009 at 4:42pm — 1 Comment

Reflecting on the 2009 VVMM

This month started out with a goal to ride a different trail every day. Since I rode twice some days, I actually rode 38 different trails. Sure, they intersect & overlap, but 'something' was different each time out. I am so lucky to have the ability to do that. Even today I found myself riding in a place I'd never been before. The weather here in Newcastle didn't always cooperate (can you say wind?). It ranged anywhere from single digits to 70 degrees. No wind to 30mph plus. There were days… Continue

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Last Day of March Madness

WOW! The last day of March went out with gusting winds (30+) some sun, some snow flurries & some beautiful trail.

Added by Marirose Six on March 31, 2009 at 6:06pm — 2 Comments

A Ride Just For ME-by Reno

Hiya everbody! I'm Reno, an almost 2 year old malamute/husky mix. I used to live on a chain in town before mom came & got me. By then I was living across the street in a fenced in yard where I had some room to play. The first time I saw mom, last summer, I begged her to keep me with her. I had no idea what I was getting into, I just thought she looked like a fun person. I LOVE it here, I get to run & play for miles & miles. Lots of deer, rabbits, birds & turkeys to chase. Woo… Continue

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Summit Ridge

Good footing near home & I go looking for the mud, snow, ice on Summit Ridge. With a good chance of thunder showers too. I did have to finally put my raincoat on while I was headed for home. Just a short sprinkle with some snowballs thrown in for fun. Didn't last long, but the thunder behind me kept me heading for home & sticking to the low country to get there. Nice warm day though, 50 degrees. The rain smelled so good. The wind quit just before the rain & stayed still after--kind… Continue

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A Nice Ride--by Noodle

Howdy, Noodle here. Mom surprised me today by heading out in a direction that I've only gone once before. The plan was to ride to her sister-in-law's place. Turns out the fence that used to be down is fixed, so we couldn't go there. I thought maybe we'd go back, nope. We went over to the neighbor's place. I was there once before when Monty, Weed & I got loose (I still haven't told Mom hew we got out--it's our little secret).It's pretty nice over there. After that it was off to deer park… Continue

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What, Does She Think I'm A Mountain Goat?--by Monty

Hi all! Monty here. I just wanted to let you all know that Ma takes me on Nellie trails now. (Meaning-goat trails.) When I first moved here last summer, I didn't know how to carry Ma down or up hills at all. Now, I'm like a pro she says. Today we put me to the test while trying to hide from the cold wind. We just sort of climbed/descended rocky, sage covered hills & draws. Any place that was a road we moved out. Even cantered some today. It was kind of fun. Here's where we went (to the best… Continue

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March 25

south & north.kmz

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I believe the wind was still blowing about 25-30mph. The blizzard really hit hard all around us, yet still managed to mostly miss us. We got the major winds, but only a few inches of snow. Areas around us got 6" to 30+". As much fun as it may have sounded to ride yesterday, I took the weather-wimp stand & hung out by the fire with a good book. With the winds still blowing from 30-40mph most of the day, I followed that same plan, almost. Finally, at 4:00 I decided I may as well get a few… Continue

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New Territory

Well, I started out today looking for Gary's camera lens cap that fell off yesterday. Figured I'd find it now, while it's 70 degrees & nice because once that blizzard hits tomorrow with their forecast of 11-15 inches of snow, it may be a little harder to find. Well I found a fresh shed along the way. Found the cap. Then decided to go check out that state land that near by. Pretty cool. Found a white tail shed there. Spooked up many, many deer. That must be their main sleeping area during… Continue

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A Ride With Company

A real person, in fact! Gary came by this morning & wanted to ride. So off he went again to get his mare while I got Monty ready. Slow, but FUN. His horse, Lou, hasn't been ridden much lately so we just moseyed along. Beautiful day.

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The robins are back! Plus, I saw 2 butterflies & green grass. Yeeee haaaa! Two rides today.
Cappses 2.kmz
Bringing Burt.kmz

Added by Marirose Six on March 20, 2009 at 7:30pm — No Comments

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