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I haven't been riding much for the past three weeks between a combination of friends visiting and raging bronchitis. Hard to get into frolicking across the desert when you are hacking up your lungs. So when I thought about riding today I sort of had in mind one of my older steadier horses like Bunduq or Negmadin. BUT, I had three clients want to come out for a ride today and they nabbed all the reliable horses so I ended up riding the somewhat goofier FIggy. We had a good ride in the desert (when Figgy wasn't trying to yank my arms out of the sockets with the Arab Head Toss) until we ran into a trio of stupid ATV riders who got their jollies out of giving the young ones the jitters. Not bad altogether however since at the end of the day what really matters is that the clients had a good time. And Figgy isn't that bad...or at least he won't be in a couple of years.

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