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Now it's official: I've ridden *all* the distances at Home on the Range!

I've ridden the 25 (twice), the 50 (four times), and the 75 (twice)....and now the trail ride!

Ride manager Gail Williams and her friends did the usual weather dances and managed to deliver a mostly-gorgeous day on the trails, especially for the five of us who spent 11 beautiful miles on the blue loop.

Fiddle did great--stepped off the trailer into camp as if she's lived in the desert for years. She looked around, saw all the rigs and horses and stuff...and started eating grass. There is not much in this world that will distract my mare from food!

She was not perfectly well-behaved on trail, however. She got over her fear of scary rocks pretty quickly, but she did NOT approve of having a gelding behind her...and we rode with our new friends Ruth and Topper for the entire distance.

We had some strong discussions about appropriate behavior towards other horses. Okay, some very strong discussions. She's got a steep learning curve ahead, that's for sure!

Although the weather forecasts were predicting "doom and destruction", we actually had pretty good weather through the whole weekend. We saw a lot of snow on trees through the pass, but the roads were mostly clear. If I've learned anything in 43 years of living in this region, it is to NOT believe everything that local broadcast media says about the weather. If I really want to know what the weather is like, its best to just go look at it.

The most important event, of course, was the drinking contest, in which the Pirates completely scuppered the competition with our amazing GROG. Secret recipe, available for a small price....but only to Pirates!


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