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We hosted CEN* 40 km & CEN** 80 km Endurance Events at our stable on 17-18 May. It was a great debut for us as event organizers. Our "donchaks" (Predlog, Zeiger, Zavitok) took 3rd, 4th and 5th place on 80 km. Victory was not our goal for this time. The main goal was to prove that we can organize an endurance event very well. So we give first places to our guest competitors. Our route has 3 river fords - the only endurance route in Central Russia with fords!
There was 13 competitors for 40 km and 7 competitors for 80 km, including Elena Loseva and Igor Skladanyuk. They are finalists of 2005 World Endurance Championship in Dubai (Igor finished 16th, Elena finished 28th). Both Igor and Elena says that our route is very best in Central Russia and fully meets the requirements for international events.

Also Nikolay Melbard visited and praised our event. Nikolay is endurance rider #1 in Russia and today he is only Russian rider who qualified for World Endurance Championship to be held November 2008 in Malaysia.

This winter we launched special endurance website - www.probegi.info. "Probegi" means "endurance rides" in Russian.

On this website you can find photos and videos from our event:
and here: http://picasaweb.google.com/ruza2008

Now we plan to host new endurance event mid-September for 40, 80 and 120 km. Next year we hope to organize endurance events regularly, including a CEI event for 120 km (and maybe 160 km).

P.S. Look at the English version of our stable's website: www.goldenhorse.ru/en/

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Full 2-hour video about our event.

Part 1: Pre-Ride Briefing. Start of CEN** 80 km. Start of CEN* 40 km.

Part 2: Vet-Gate 1 of CEN** 80 km.

Part 3: Vet-Gate 1 of CEN* 40 km. Vet-Gate 2 of CEN** 80 km.

Part 4: Final Vet-Gate and Best Condition of CEN* 40 km.

Part 5: Vet-Gate 3 of CEN** 80 km. Final Loop (fording the river) and Final Vet-Gate of CEN** 80 km.

Part 6: Best Condition of CEN** 80 km. Prize-Giving Ceremony.

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