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Horses.. In some ways ,they are the ultimate Montana glamour animal, possessed of almost mythical strength (ever been pushed by one of 'em?) , speed , savvy, size and for some unfathomable reason, a natural willingness to work with dogs, men, women and kids.

Not even the wolf can match a horse for popularity in Montana's animal kingdom. Definitely the winner of the Congentiality title besides they smell good.

The expression "work like a horse" means something because they do work hard. For a bit of feed, water and some care, they keep coming back to a "job" day after day. But in the end, it's the bulk, and beauty of the horse that sell him/her to us .. One of those mysteries in life that really do not require explanation. A horse is a horse.. nuff said.

In the equine world, there's that wonderful look When your horse meets you up close -- he'll read you like a book

And if you are gentle, if you are kind, you may be rewarded
By a soft loving nuzzle ...
The powerful build and the magnificent stare
And the way a horse moves as if it has nothing to dread
A horse is a creature of G-d.. and that's enough said

Trot on friends, trot on.

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