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It's a long time since January 2008, when I made the New Year's Resolution to do something new and different with my horse at least once each month during the year. I did pretty well, too (except for November, which was sort of a non-month, anyhow)...and then yesterday I realized that (duh) IT'S DECEMBER AND I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING. And then I looked around. Snow is downright uncommon here in the Pacific Northwest, and if we get some it's usually sorta scrawny, icy, greyish slush. More than ten years ago we had a REAL winter storm, more than a foot of snow that stayed and stayed--I was living on the dark side of Chuckanut Mountain at the time, and I rode my old mare Story out to the grocery store every few days to get groceries and stuff for myself and my neighbors. But usually our snow is just enough to mess up the roads and not enough to make a decent snowman. This appears to be one of those REAL snow years. And here I was, with a young horse and an old resolution. Wahooooo! My saddle and bridle are stored in my horse trailer, which had iced up tight. Hmmm. I've got a bareback pad! And a rope sidepull! (another "new and different" experience for us) And an old helmet! Good enough, sez I!

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