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Started with temp at 7 degrees F warmed up to 12 degrees F by the time I was done. Wind chills below zero. But, with enough layers, hand/toe warmers, goggles, fur bomber hat & neck fuzzy, I stayed toasty warm throughout the ride. Didn't want to go out for a second ride though. Here's a pic that Chuck took of Monty & I as we headed out. (Chuck was taking the pics from inside the house.)

It was a beautiful sunny day with 4 inches of new snow. Also, as I headed east, I could see it snowing in SD (one ridge east) while I was riding in the sun. Pretty cool. Riding down in the draws I was able to hide from the wind quite well. When the gusts started to blow hard enough to make the snow in the tree branches take flight again, I decided it was time to head for home. Here's our track for today: The draws.kmz

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Comment by Endurance.Net on March 10, 2009 at 5:15pm
Juat AMAZING!!!! it's still winter there - no -- it's almost spring, but it's EXTREMELY cold and wintery!! and you're out there doing the miles!! Mules Rock!!!!


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