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What a beautiful day! Ma & I rode for over 6 hours. Lots of working our way through thick trees & sage. We even rode up onto a knob that was all boulders & brush. I had to pick my way carefully through that. But, I am the best at that kind of stuff. Out in the fields, I got to browse the big buffet. I'm the best at that too. It went from cloudy to sunny today. Then the wind found us later in the ride. It helped keep me cool on a warm day. Here's where we went:
Memory test.kmz After we got home, Ma got everybody caught up & got Ripley & Denny's dinner soaking & the rest of ours all ready. When she finally came back out to the barn to feed, she told me that we hadn't gone far enough today. She was going to saddle up the speed ball for some extra miles. We had to wait FOREVER for our food then! Grr! Here's those extra miles:
Extra miles.kmz

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