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I realized, today, that I have let myself become obcessed with March Madness. I would get frustrated with the gumbo mud that wont let me ride faster. I try to push the mules along, need more miles, but they will only go safely. (Who's the smart one here?) It dawned on me today, that I 'could' ride the roads if I 'really ' wanted to go faster. Roads are something that I was VERY familiar with when I lived in MI. I had dirt roads to ride. Some paved roads. A few fields to edge & limited trails. As I rode along an incredible trail (one that I had not been on before) with an amazing view, it hit me. This is why I don't need to go faster, cover more ground. So far this month, I have ridden 23 different rides. Sure, trails intersect from day to day, but I have been able to do 'something' different each day. How blessed am I? I decided to be glad for that stinkin' gumbo mud. That's probably why my equines are still barefoot (no boots) and looking great. Plus, with the slower speeds I haven't missed too many deer sightings, or antelope, or eagles, or hawks. My pound puppy, Reno, has been along for most of my miles. She just has sooooooo much fun and is such a joy to watch. Yes, I am very blessed. I have awesome trails to ride. The BEST mules to enjoy them on. Great trail company with Reno along. A super husband who has been very supportive and encouraging. He even lets me ride his horse for extra miles. So, you go Flora! You will likely stay that one step ahead of me, but I am content to just enjoy myself out there (and log as many miles as 'I' can).
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