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Hiya everbody! I'm Reno, an almost 2 year old malamute/husky mix. I used to live on a chain in town before mom came & got me. By then I was living across the street in a fenced in yard where I had some room to play. The first time I saw mom, last summer, I begged her to keep me with her. I had no idea what I was getting into, I just thought she looked like a fun person. I LOVE it here, I get to run & play for miles & miles. Lots of deer, rabbits, birds & turkeys to chase. Woo hoo! And I have my very own cat, Busy, to play with. As for today, I hadn't been for a ride in a couple of days. One day to give my paws a break & another because mom didn't want to take me down the road so far. (I don't know why not, I listen good & stay out of the road.) This morning I pestered her relentlessly to take me riding. I finally got through to her. She caught up the mules & horses & saddled Denny. Yipeee! I got to run & run & sniff stuff & chase robins & play in some snow. It was so much fun! Here's where mom & Denny went, I went much further with all my sniffing & chasing:
For Reno.kmz Here's a picture of me on a different ride with Noodle:
March 16 011.jpg

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