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This month started out with a goal to ride a different trail every day. Since I rode twice some days, I actually rode 38 different trails. Sure, they intersect & overlap, but 'something' was different each time out. I am so lucky to have the ability to do that. Even today I found myself riding in a place I'd never been before. The weather here in Newcastle didn't always cooperate (can you say wind?). It ranged anywhere from single digits to 70 degrees. No wind to 30mph plus. There were days that I definitely did not want to saddle up, guess I hit the wall, but every time I did it anyway. It was worth it. I am so proud of my mules & Chuck's horse. They all put up with me so well. Monty has really matured with all the miles. Noodle & Nellie know they just have to humor me. Denny, well, what can I say, he's just Denny. Nellie rode for 141. 89 miles. Noodle rode 149.56. Monty rode 156.31. And Denny rode for 106.17. All of them did all of their miles barefoot (no boots either). Their hooves still look great. They moved solid & sound throughout despite the rocky trails. The mules have picked out their outfits for the season. I know which saddle with which pad fits each of them best. Of course, each is totally different. I believe we are all ready for a short rest. At least long enough to wash the saddle pads & clean all the shed hair off the tack. Maybe a few other chores that had been neglected this month. Maybe then it will be warmer. :o) Here are all of my tracks for the '09 VVMM:
march madness.kmz

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