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Well this MN winter just keeps on keepin on...no end in site and its already April. I've been able to ride some but not nearly as much as years past :( Even so, I am planning to go to Chicken Chase April 17 18 19. I really think Magic will be fine, she has been doing this long enough now that as long as I ride slow and smart we will finally have our 1000 AERC Endurance miles, whoo hooo!! We got 18" of snow this week so plans are sketchy about how much riding I will get in from now until then. I do plan to trailer to Sand Dunes this weekend to get a long ride in, hopefully 15-20 miles. Then a few days a week till the ride!! BOCK BOCK Look out Chicken Chase, here we come!!!!!!

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Comment by TJ Vore on April 18, 2009 at 6:50pm
Awesone job at Chicken Chase with Magic. Looking forward to riding with you again. What's next on your schedule?
Comment by Angie Mikkelson on April 6, 2009 at 8:52am
I looked on your page and see your from Eureka. My sister lives in Kalispell, my brother in Libby where our family grew up. I miss Montana. Libby just really doesn't have a lot to offer :( I was back this summer to visit my brother for just a few hours as we passed through for my husbands work (we had to take a slight detour, but was worth it to say hi!) I'd love to come over and do a ride some day. Maybe next year. Do they still have the Kootenai Klassic?
Comment by Nancy Neuman on April 6, 2009 at 8:13am
Hey Angie...I can relate to what you mean by winter hanging on. I live in northwest Montana and up until Friday, we had fresh snow on the ground EVERY morning...ugh, I am soooo done with winter. I have had the opportunity to get out riding and especially since it's warmed up a bit, so I'm feeling optomistic. This was definitely a tough winter for me...have a great ride at Chicken Chase!!

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