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Showed up on Friday evening and listened to Ride Management give almost a 45 minute diatribe of the trail....They also mentioned that there were cattle that were taking down ribbons and that the weather had been increment...so they reassured us that there was plenty of dolmite or flour on the trail to mark the direction to go....
Potato and I started off in front and pretty much left the rest of the pack....
We weren't going fast, just a nice steady trot...like normal.
It was nice, albeit rocky and sandy, going until the first vet check, about 18 miles into the ride.
Potato and I were first in.
15 minute hold.
And off we went....
Up into the snow and hills!
And down into the washes....and rocks, and bulls, and no ribbons, and no dolmite and no flour.....
And...no water!
So, my horse ate snow!
And we ended up doing over 10 miles longer trail than we should have....
And we still came in almost an hour ahead of our next competitor...
I think that really pissed her off!
So, when Potato and I left that 35 mile vet check, telling them about the trail and them scrambling and getting on their quads and redirecting traffic! several of them who took the same route we did..., the person behind us, a competitive vet and rider, who has won Tevis before...made a complaint that we weren't on trail and so therefore we should be elliminated from the ride....
This person carries some weight, as does her husband, and so Potato and I were shunned....what more can I say?
I have been doing endurance for many years and I am seeing things that I do not like.....I guess I was an innocent.....
Not any more!
Just setting the story straight of what happened to me at a piss poor ride in Nevada!
We had the best horses there that day....

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