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Well on a whim I decided to go to Chicken Chase. This ride is a 15 hour drive from us. After talking to my good friend Roxi I just couldn't let this ride go un-done :) She had a horse for me to ride so I got my junior (who isn't a junior anymore, she's now 16) to ride Magic. I've been putting a lot of time into conditioning Magic and I really felt confident she would do well. After arriving on Thursday night around 9pm we quickly set up, putting Magic on her Hi Tie with lots of hay and water and packing our stuff into Roxi's trailer to sleep. 5:30 am came REALLY fast but the excitement got me out of bed quickly. We were unable to vet Magic through the night before so we found the very kind vets and got her vetted through and we were ready to roll. Trail was 20 mi, 20 mi then 15 mi. The first 20 miles was a lot of up and down, up and down, then mud, mud, mud! Whiskey was short a shoe at the 20 mile hold, luckily there was a farrier there to put a new one on, wow are they FAST! All the horses look great here, Magic went directly to pulse down and was a 44, haha! On our way out to the 2nd 20 miles one of the gals says "Good Luck, this is the hardest loop" Surely she is joking, right? I mean the first 20 miles was hard wasn't it? Shoot even TJ who rode with us said it was harder than some NC rides!! Off we go, lots of creek crossings, more hills and more mud, wow then the heat came just to add insult to injury!! FOUR hours later we were done with that loop. Horses were hot and tired here. Magic took some time to pulse down and then hung really high for almost the entire hold. I was about to send her back in the trailer when Roxi swooped in and saved the day by electrolyting her. Within 5 min her pulse was down to 50, crazy thing there and definately a lesson learned. We made it into camp with probably 30 minutes to spare before we'd have been OT. I never did see our ride time so I'm not really sure what it was but it was long, but very successful :) I'd go to Chicken Chase again for sure!! Next time I may not ride the "Challenging 55 miler on Friday" and opt for the 50's on Sat or Sunday.

Magic is ready for MnDra, I know that!!!

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Comment by cole bengtson on May 1, 2009 at 3:03am
way to go Angie!
Comment by Cindy on April 25, 2009 at 3:45pm
Congratulations! I've only done 1 LD there, but I remember the beautiful hills. But I think I got off easy with the flatter course - didn't have the climbs you had, thank goodness!

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