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Fast forward to the end of May. I'm back to work, finally. Yea! One horse for a spring tune up & two mules needing some work. As for my own, Denny is all healed up & sound again (thanks to the little 'healer' Reno for keeping his wound clean). Monty has been sound, poked a hole in his forearm of the same leg then lame again, healed up & got sound then did something to be REALLY off on his left hind but that seems to be better now. He's back to running with the herd & looking sound so far. Maybe a ride next week to see how he's doing. Noodle still has that lump on her tendon, still sound, so, out running with the herd again. No need to ride her for awhile yet. Nellie is looking forward to the Big Horn 100 in July. Just switched saddles recently. As she shedded out she has some 'beautiful' roan white areas from the other saddle I'd used in March. :o( Even sweat patterns the whole time & then this. The other 2 mules have them also, but not as bad. I just don't get it, but I DO know that I don't need to use THAT saddle again! The May flowers are beautiful! Good luck to all the VV riders! I haven't the time or patience right now to be drawing paths on GE so I'll just ride. If it weren't for a nice spring deluge tonight, I'd probably still be riding right now. Awesome sunset in the rain that I can watch from my window!

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