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After a devastating shoulder injury this Spring at Race the Trace, Annabelle is back in training. We are hoping to do a 50 at the Biltmore in September. I took her up to Falling Waters this past weekend and she did very well with all the hills. So far there is no sign of lameness. Everyone says that she looks great and should have no problem with a 50 as long as I can stay on her back. I have great friends.

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Comment by Christina on September 20, 2009 at 9:47pm
We just made it back to Arkansas from the Biltmore. Annie and I ran the 30 and placed 29th. There is no evidence of the shoulder injury, so I guess Indian Territories will be our next stop. The Biltmore was a bit damp, but at least the rain stopped long enough for the ride. Anyone who left Saturday night missed the opportunity to swim in the field on Sunday.

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