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Well, Sulphur's Nataqua, or Taqi as I call him is finally letting us touch him. I haven't been getting out to see him as often as I should since he's 35 windy miles away, but Pete has been spending time with him at feeding time. (Pete calls him Taco) He has been eating out of our hands and will let us scratch his neck and touch his ears. Pete has also been running his hands down his legs and feet. Speaking of which, he is very long and has some hoof that has been breaking out on the sides. I was thinking I might have to have him tranquilized to trim him, but have found a couple who specialize in Mustangs and natural trimming to help me with him. The round pen is up and I am anxious to get him halter broke so I can start working him there. His coat has gotten more silver with his winter coat coming in and his zebra stripes are prominent. I think I am going to mess with people when I start riding him and they ask what he is. I'll tell them he's half zebra - a zorse. His color is known as zebra dun. So by the time the rains come I want to have him out of that small corral and in with the other horses so he won't be in the mud. I'll keep you posted.

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