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While being side lined I got Domingos loganberry going the round pen, walker are a life saver. Now remember this is the horse that would run you down with food in your arms! with the help of calypso we could brush, lead him, be around him and not worry. So what happenes when you take away Calypso? Alittle spooky, but still ok to be with me. I was not able to ride, but I could walk him so thats what we did hundreds of miles. We have these great trails just outside our door. Just like riding at Maplewood, even spooky ferns. I always worry that at a ride ahorse would not stop.Having seen this first had at TX.Where niether rider could stop the run aways at the end. We used the long reins and drove him everywhere. Saddle time not even the thought of a buck. So bring back Calypso let's go for a ride. Of we went. One mile two five. We keep waiting. A deer! nothing just stops dead to cool. We practic Calypso going past several time and leaving us. Then coming back. Ok guys when will the blow up happen? Maybe because we started late or went over a year. Or Because I was sidelined and did so much ground work. What else do I practice this winter? cole

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Comment by Sally on October 21, 2009 at 3:22am
Ground work eventually pays off big time!

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