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'Twas October 18, 2009. It's never a good thing to find a blood trail when going out to pet the mules. It's worse when you see the 1-2 foot stream of blood shooting from the pastern. I took Monty into the barn for a pressure wrap & some time indoors to make sure it worked. Thank God, it did. Later that night I changed him to a standing bandage without the pressure. I used only homemade saline to clean the wound. A very deep cut from barbwire, deep.

This was taken on Oct. 19 after flushing with saline again, before wrapping. I used mostly only saline, then a gauze padding over a chunk of roll cotton & vetwrap. Then a standing bandage to keep dirt from getting into the wound. This worked well. He was confined in the run-in for about a week, then out to run with the herd. The wrap was changed daily or every other day.

Day 6 pic. At some point I did use some Furicin within the wound, did I mention it was deep? I put the Furicin into a syringe & use a teat infusion cannula to poke it into the depths of the wound. I did that for a couple of days only & back to saline & then the Furicin one more time.

Day 16, November 2, 2009 As you can see, the proud flesh came on. Thanks to Adolph's meat tenderizer, it did leave. For a few days off & on, I would put the tenderizer on after the saline rinse & then wrap.

These 2 pics were taken on day 25, Nov 11. These pics were a few days after I stopped wrapping. His coronet band was not looking good from all the wrapping, so I had to stop that. I continued to clean with saline & used Adolph's as need without a wrap. As we got snow, I got less diligent about cleaning. In fact, I've just been keeping an eye on it.

Taken after his first ride post injury, December 19, 09. We rode the rough, snowy, rocky trail today. Mostly at a walk, but we had to trot some here & there because....he is SOUND! I am amazed. At one point, I didn't know if he'd ever be sound at a trot again. (At one point, I was afraid that he might slough that whole hoof.) After our ride, I tenderized with Adolph's again, & hope it will stick long enough in the snow to cut through that line of proud flesh. It looks good, but the proud flesh is almost a 1/4 inch thick in spots. I was reluctant to wrap today because his coronet is just healing nicely from all that previous wrapping. New hoof growth is looking good so far. Will he be endurance sound? Only time will tell, but I'm thinking, just maybe......

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Comment by Marirose Six on August 21, 2011 at 10:44pm
Late update:  in August 2010 Monty made his endurance debut, completing a 50 at Happy Jack. In 2011 his finished the 75 at Ft Howes & made it 76 miles into the Big Horn. He was doing well enough to have finished if his rider hadn't needed to stop. Miracle.

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