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Hi everyone!
I am new to endurance riding, but I am already addicted! Even bought a new truck so that I can get to rides w/o breaking down. I do not have an arabian, I know that physiologically they are best for competitive endurance. My mare is an Appaloosa, lots of classic breeding, mixed with lots of running quarter horse. I would love to hear from members who also ride non-arabians. Pictures to follow...

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Comment by Kimi Gregg on October 17, 2010 at 7:06am
I just recently started in endurance as well, and on a paso fino. We have a great time! We started on LD rides last season, and hope to move up to 50 miles next season. While some folks will try and say you have to have an Arab, most will tell you the same thing Angie did, you can compete and have fun just fine on another breed ;). You just have to tailor your ride to your horse, and that is true even for Arabs! See ya on the trails :)
Comment by Angie Mcghee on October 11, 2010 at 8:52am
I started on Appaloosas. Enjoy them! I was always very careful to avoid tying up after my friend's running type QH tied up. As they get more fit they seem to be more vulnerable so just make sure to walk at least 15 min. (preferably not straight up a hill first thing) and go easy on grain on off days. Also, I had to cut the grain when hauling as if he was locked in a stall that day. If she's thick muscled be diligent with your cooling. Best way I've found to avoid heat buildup with a bulky breed is don't rush steep hill climbs (even though she's so strong she probably wants to run up them). If you walk up the hills you can make up for it with speed at the top without the heat build up! :-) There have been plenty of successful Appaloosas in this sport so no reason not to have a great time. :-))

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