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I never thought I'd be excited about hoof boots. But I am. As I've stated before, boots are an awesome thing. What a wonderful addition to the hoof-care toolbox! But I digress.

I received Hoss's brand new, Easyboot Gloves on Saturday. Finally had a chance to try them on him today.  I wanted to get out for a ride, too, but I was just too tired from a rather busy week to manage it.  I did put him in the round pen to see how he felt about them.

The only problem with the boots is the gaiters are simply too short to fit around Hoss's pasterns.  I suspected this would be a problem.  Hoss has these preternaturally thick legs and pasterns.  I've had a hard time finding splint boots and other leg protection aside from polo wraps that will fit him appropriately.  Even large ones are often too small!

Fortunately EasyCare makes gaiter extenders (clearly I'm not the only one who has had this problem).  I will be ordering a set of those, along with power straps for the front of the boots.  Hoss's feet are sort of between sizes.  I think with the power straps he'll get a better fit.

I'm hoping to go to the Eastern Mojave Scenic ride.  This requires that the boots stay on reasonably well.  We'll have to leave on Wednesday.  So, the plan is to go out and test the boots over 15 or 20 miles to see how they hold up.  I'm also calling EasyCare in the morning, in hopes that they might be able to get me gaiter extenders and power straps by Wednesday!

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