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I didn't really fall off the wagon, just my horse

It was finally my time. Sigh... it was very comical and worth repeating though!


Went for a pleasure ride at Uwharrie Mtn, for a pleasure weekend ride. I decided to ride in my fancy western saddle, with big saddle bags, ya know, to carry lots of beer. I knew I was just gonna be walking the whole time, so I might as well enjoy the scenery and fellowship. My friend kept apoligizing for slowing me down, but hey, this is what it's all about, smelling the roses, and really enjoying nature, my equine friend and buddies. 


It was good hill work for my boy, I intentionally left the heart rate monitor in the trailer because I knew I would become obsessed with "how low" this heart rate was and completly annoy all the other pleasure riders with me. 


Gunner is the only arabian and he behaved himself rather well, except for the parking lot incident on Sat. PM where the local drunks ran up to us and wanted us to ride double around camp with them. Too bad I hadn't had enough drinks yet to comply. They galloped off- and left poor Gunner tied to the trailer all alone (or so he thought). For a few seconds the flight tendency set in and he had a complete freak out moment until I untied him very quickly to show him there were other horses not too far from him.


Back to pleasure trail riding. I couldn't tell you a whole lot, except I really liked how I sat in the western saddle, and I got to wear some cute skinny jeans and I wore some ariat western boots pulled up over them. (Really cute- should have taken a pic!)  I loved the big saddle bags and not being in a hurry. I also loved that I don't even remember holding the reins. He just tucked nose and followed tail in front. Lots of fun!!!


So there was a nice long straightaway in the woods one a 4 ft path or so. I trotted on out- let him really work and we led. He saw a tiny deer path that jetted to the left. He had a blond moment- and dove to the left at an extended trot. I kept on to the right, tucked and rolled. I landed at a fork of trees and he trotted awy, wide nostrilled and snorty. I jumped up and said " I'm OK! Go Get Him!!!" I was so worried he was going to go for another 50 miles!! But he came back- that natural herd tendency and we were fine. Just a little pride was bruised as everyone thought I was an "endurance rider."


The best part- my beer landed upright. So I got it and got on my crazy arab after pulling all the leaves and sticks out of my hair. Remounted- and CTR folks, I did it downhill and in a hurry. 


We continued our ride for several hours only to backtrack at some point. I swore up and down I knew where I was at. We had been here before, but no one believed me, probably because I get lost going in a circle. Seriously, they laughed that poor little Sarah can't get out of a bag. Then I saw the deer trail shooting off- this was the same exact spot I dismounted quickly. I found my "Guess" Sunglasses!!!! yah!! Iwas so devastated about it, but had accepted it as ok sine I did buy them at Marshalls for only $9.99. But damn, they were really cool and looked good with my skinny jeans and tall ariat western boots.


Ha ha ha, last laugh on yall, I found us back to horsecamp after a long day of pleasure riding in the mtns. 

I think Gunner deserves a reward or something?? What a fun day, and sure to be remembered as the time Sarah finally fell off. Ya know I can stay on some crazy shit, but this was a simple "sidepass" at a gallop to the left. 


Stay tuned for more fun and "pleasure" stories about Gunner and Sarah. At least my shoulder wasn't reinjured after that time I got knocked over leading my 5 rr old child on a horse. (My 3 yr old came out of the house with an umbrella!) Where is the hanging your head in shame icon? However, we did travel 20+ miles, even at a " slow pace."


Happy Trails! Sarah and Gunslinger 



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