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Hoof boots - which do you prefer and what are their pros and cons?

Believe it or not I know someone without a computer.  He asked me if I would research hoof boots for him as he prefers a barefoot horse.  I did limited searching and came to the conclusion I needed expert help on this topic!  So here I am, asking you folks what kind of hoof boots you use.  I know the saying about opinions.  But if I can narrow this down to 2 brands maybe it would help him make a choice.


So what do you think? 


Thanks for you help!

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Comment by Heather Toland on June 3, 2011 at 4:43pm

Well I personally say if he can ride without them do it. I have one horse that absolutely hates anything on his feet and will remove them if he isn't watched. He has completed 250 endurance rides without "hoof protection" and trains exclusively without any hoof protection. I do live in very rocky ground so he has super tough feet and never has worn shoes or boots before.  I have another horse that feels he will die without some hoof protection so I love the gloves for him.  once you get the fit down they are great they never come off now. I haven't used goober glue yet! Have used the Renegades and really liked them except for when they got wet, then I felt that the horses hoof slips too much in the boot and if you have a horses that interferes they are too bulky and they pull them off occasionally so that's why I tried the Gloves and so far he really likes them. He also has a small pad inserted in them for his extra comfort (sneaker like) he is special for sure.

I just would encourage listening to the horse if he needs protection put it on if not don't.

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