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Ozark 100--It Rained....(Notice how that sounds a little like Noah's Ark) by Lucky Six Nellie

I got suspicious when Mom fitted me for shoes, 2 pair even, but didn't nail them on. Then came the haircut. We must be going someplace warm. Then the shoes were nailed on. Now I am getting excited, I love seeing new places. We trailered a short ride to another trailer & my buddy Hawk. It's always fun to travel with friends. From there we rode two more days to a place called Missouri. Each night we stopped at really cool places where Hawk & I could move around & relax.


Turns out that it really was kind of warm in MO. I had forgotten about humidity, I was reminded.


When we got to Brushy Creek Lodge, Hawk & I got to wander around some eating grass--my favorite thing to do. We didn't stay long before being loaded again & dropped off for a short ride. I just love new trails. It was so much fun to cruise down the trail with hawk & Kerry. That is until it rained. Thunder, lightning, the whole deal. That didn't slow us down though, I was headed for the trailer & another ride to the next camp at Bass River Resort. We were able to hang out at Bass all the next day. While there I ran into my friend Skylark, she & Ronnie were going to be riding with us. We vetted in for the ride in the afternoon. And then it rained that night.

Come early morning Mom saddled me up in the rain. Then she unsaddled me, I heard that Brushy Creek Camp was under water (that is where we were supposed to be riding to today & then beyond to finish on the trail we rode Thursday). The start of the Ozark 100 was postponed. It rained. A new trail plan was put together, the ride must go on...


By the time Mom saddled up again the rain had stopped & we headed out on the trail. Nine horses & one mule (me, of course) hit the trail. What a beautiful trail it was too. Dogwoods blooming, creeks gurgling. Everyone was having fun. Then it rained again, but that didn't stop the fun or the beauty of the trail. Birds were a singing but only one squirrel braved the rains to run across our trail all day.


At each vet check we'd hang out in the rain eating (my favorite thing to do). There was one check early on that it wasn't raining. Mom pulled my saddle there & let me roll, boy did that feel good. The new trail plan had us headed back to Bass for a vet check. Turns out that the creek that we crossed that morning was way too deep to cross again. Trail plan C came into play, the ride must go on....It rained again. Thunder, lightning, the whole deal. By dark we were following two new friends, Piper with his Dad Paul & General Lee with Todd. Those two horses knew the trail really well which was quite handy in the dark. By dark, I mean really dark. Mom said she could barely see the white butt of the horse in front of her. Heck, she couldn't even see my ears. There were a few times when I caught her sleeping, I was nice & didn't try to swipe her off in the trees. Occasionally it would stop raining but never for long. There was more lightning to temporarily blind us & of course thunder.


The trail that we rode back & forth on in the dark is one we had ridden early in the day. In the morning the creeks gurgled along side us & we had many crossings. By dark the trails gurgled--the creeks were rushing, the crossings got deeper & wider (but nothing we couldn't handle). At one point the rain let up & the glow bugs came out. That magical moment didn't last long though, it rained again. The peepers fully enjoyed the weather. They were out singing their little hearts out, Mom just loves listening to them. There were a couple of ponds that we passed where they were almost deafeningly loud.


After our last gate-n-go it began to lighten up. The rain let up as well. We picked up the pace, everyone anxious to get to the finish line. About 23 hours after starting this ride five horses & one mule (me, of course) completed the Ozark 100. The ride they said couldn't be done.


This ride has been a true test of endurance for us all. I can honestly say that I have never worked so hard. Lucky for Mom, I enjoy my work. Plus, she spoils me for weeks after a 100, I'll bet I can milk this one out even longer.

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Comment by Ronda vida eden on May 8, 2011 at 7:07am

Thanks Nelly,

It was nice to share the trail (and the goodies) with you on the Ozark. Sorry i was naughty once but hey i came back didn't i.

Love Larka (DS Montana Skylark)

Comment by Don Huston on May 1, 2011 at 9:19am

Hello Marirose,

You certainly proved that you and Lucky can endure. Sincere congrats to you both. I really dislike riding in that much rain. I will tollerate it but it is just not fun for me. You made us all proud.


Don Huston 

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