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Hi everyone,

   I'm new to the endurance community and have just started training my Tennessee Walker/Mustang mare. Kali is 5 years old and had tons of ground work before I got her but never been saddled. We had an instant bond from the first day I met her. I actually went to look at another horse when Kali came up behind me and stuck her nose right in my hair than stayed by my side the whole time we were there. I knew then that she was my new horse. I've had her about a week and 3 days now and have had her saddled and been on her. She is so smart and willing to work and wants to learn. Sunday when we were working her our round pen had a large puddle in it(great training opportunity). I expected to be presented with a horse who thought the puddle would eat her but nope my sweet mare went right in the middle of it and started splashing. Love this mare so much. She's the first horse I've had that actually gets excited when she sees me coming with the halter.

  I will get some pictures of her on here soon.



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