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Out of respect and mean respect to Tevis Cup winner 2013,your story was quite a awesome tell, riding in hand and hand  with your wife not only once but three time is great, congratulation.The one most important individual you failed to give any credit to  and without him, there would of been no win,  is yea you guessed it your mount and hopefully considered team mate The Fury.So many times, some get caught in the moment and forget that its the horse and without we could not celebrate such great feats as the Tevis. Kidd and I were blessed to ride an finish 03 Pan Am, and yea Tevis was the next on the bucket list,but that was not to be.The thing is, he's been my first and truly only endurance partner for 16 yrs running.All credit goes to him and I think that's why hes still going at a young 21. So many horses come and go in this sport way to early and my opinion is some are just out for there own credits and not for the horse.I as a horse listener and part time whisperer want to give a GIGANTIC SHOUT OUT to all the amazing horses that give us the privilege to compete "sometimes sleep" and most of all enjoy the great playground that God has created for us all while sitting on there backs. .What amazing athletes :)

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