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Warning to others of buying used saddles and my new SHE treeless:)

It's been a while since I was on here. Been able to work Kali off and on for the last couple months but the last few days have been Crazy cold. -30 without wind chill is just too cold for anyone. But perfect time for the chilly weather to hit since I'm waiting to get my new saddle. I decided to pay the money and just buy a Sensation Harmony Element for my first treeless. I thought about Barefoot and Black Forest(found reasonably priced used one) but just have a feeling they aren't what I want or what Kali needs. And after the last fiasco with my Wintec I don't want to get a used saddle again Especially a treed saddle. Warning to everyone if you buy a used saddle get the numbers off it and contact the maker to get the info on that saddle. Well worth waiting to hear about the saddle before buying it. I wish I had before buying my Wintec. I was told it was a wide tree 16 inch. Well when I sent the numbers to Wintec just recently because I decided to sell it and found out that it isn't a wide tree and because someone had been using the purple gullets (what came with the saddle when I bought it) it might have a ruined tree and the saddle is a 17 inch not 16. If you have a deep seated saddle you have to run the tape measure along the seat not just straight from the pommel to the cantle(learned something new). So when buying a used saddle look into it so you're not out a bunch of money. I even got mine from a tack shop.

  So as soon as I get the SHE it'll be time to get to real work with Kali to get ready for a ride in May(our first). I can't wait for the warm weather and to be able to get a couple of rides in this summer before starting College in the fall. 30 Years old and finally decided to take an Equine Science program at MSU.

  2014 is my year to change a lot in my life and accomplish some stuff I have always wanted to do. Endurance riding is a major one as is college.

   So here is to a great new year of learning to live.


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